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Recent Posts

Image for Schnorr basics
published January 3, 2022 by Kalle Rosenbaum

Schnorr basics

If you’re having a difficult time wrapping your head around Schnorr signatures, you’re not alone. In this post, I attempt to explain Schnorr signatures at a level that I myself appreciate, and hopefully, you’ll find it valuable too.

Image for Compact Block Filters Deep Dive (BIP 158)
published November 13, 2021 by Elle Mouton

Compact Block Filters Deep Dive (BIP 158)

In this post, I will briefly describe the needs of a bitcoin light client and why compact block filters satisfy these needs better than Bloom filters do. Then I will dive into exactly how compact block filters work and will follow this with a step-by-step guide for constructing such a filter from a …

Image for Userspace, Statically Defined Tracing support for Bitcoin Core
published August 30, 2021 by 0xB10C

Userspace, Statically Defined Tracing support for Bitcoin Core

This report updates on what 0xB10C, Coinbase Crypto Community Fund grant recipient, has been working on over the first half of his year-long Bitcoin development grant. This specifically covers his work on Userspace, Statically Defined Tracing support for Bitcoin Core. This report was published on …